Cloud Atlas

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Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

This is the kind of book you want to pick up when you're ready to be totally absorbed in story.

 I mean, you need strap yourself in before you pick this up.

This is not a carefree or light read. My advice is to approach this when you're looking for something complicated & engaging where every little detail has the potential to mean something later on.

The book is comprised of the stories of 6 different characters, all of which are related to each other in ways that may not be obvious from the get go.

I must mention that I had a really rough go of reading the opening section titled The Pacific Journal of Adam Ewing, but I implore you to keep reading if you happen to share in having that same experience. 

The book picks up, I promise.

After it gets going, boy it gets going!

Each character has a beautifully distinctive presence in the novel. Mitchell expertly fashions each of them together into a final portrait that is mind-bending to say the least. I feel as though I need to reread this novel immediately just to try and pick up on all the things I'm sure I missed. 

You'd have to be some kind of superhuman to notice every little thing this book has to offer the first time around. I'm sure there are impressive people somewhere who could achieve that, but I ain't one of them.

I would love to be inside the minds of folks who come up with stories like these. How much work does it take to craft something so subtle & intricate while maintaining such a consistent idea throughout? 

This book is an utter masterpiece. 

Past that, it wouldn't be wise for me to go deeper into why this creative little book is so wonderful. That's how easy it would be to potentially spoil something, and this isn't a book you want to be spoiled for. 

Just go in knowing that everything is important. Pay extra close attention for the best experience, and you will be rewarded! 

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