Ozmander (The Woven Worlds #1)

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Rating: 3/5 Stars

This is a short, self-published Fantasy title following Rosalyn De Boswel after an encounter with mysterious man on the road sets her on a path she never could have foreseen.

One of my favorite aspects of this novel is its inclusion of dragons. These dragons are not fiercely protective & greedy relations of Smaug. Instead, they are very dog-like in nature, having loyal relationships with their masters & overall playful mannerisms. Think similar to Toothless from How to Train your Dragon!

Another particularly enjoyable quality of this story is the humor, most clearly expressed through the character Nurmedov. He is a middle-aged man with a comedic nature & a medley of bread crumbs & blades adorning his front. Always ready to crack a joke, eat a meal, and offer a word of encouragement, he was by far my favorite character.

Ozmander is full of lovely writing. There's no shortage of description, which makes it easy on the imagination to discern how settings & people appear. However, there are places where the descriptive style is a bit too in-depth. In particular, many things are compared to the colors of the sun at its different phases in the sky. The comparisons are never confusing, but perhaps would have a more power if varied more.

My most prominent difficulty with this story is the fully grasping the aspect of how humans interact with their magic predispositions, which are described as Mystis, Sanctus, and Tempus. These three states are not outright defined, but rather it is determined through context the importance of each & how they are used. I would've liked a bit more explanation in the way of these aspects of the world because they do become quite critical later on.

Overall, this story proceeded in a logical, easy to follow fashion with delightful characterization, but near the very end it lost a bit of its clarity. In parts it became difficult for me to imagine what specifically was happening & why, and how the story is wrapped up is somewhat unclear in my mind. This may be because I was not fully in tune with how some of the magical workings of this world work, 

I would recommend for anyone looking for a short, enjoyable ride through a unique fantasy world!

***Disclaimer: The author, Luke Taylor, is a friend of mine. While I have, to the best of my ability, reviewed this title as fairly as possible, I believe it's important to disclose any source of potential bias! Special thank you to Luke for sending me a lovely review copy!***


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