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Fire Girl (Fire Girl, #1)

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I asked Celyn what she wanted to give the book and she grinned as hard at 1* as at 5*. Since she's not cooperating I'm giving it a 4* from me. A rounded up 4*.

There are quite a few things to like about this book. I chose it because I had been reading Celyn Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and a series of other tales with male main characters and I wanted something with a girl front and centre. And I got that.One of the things that pulled it down a bit for me were writing quirks. There were a number of similes that really didn't work for me.

"inch-long thorns threaded through the foliage like parasitic worms"

really? Inch-long thorns ... like wiggly worms?And our fire girl (witch) gets a familiar (a dormouse). Now, every single time the thing is mentioned, and it is mentioned A LOT we get to hear that it is snuggled in her hair behind her ear. Every time. Not once, not six times ... more than twenty. It felt like a lot more.

I did like the part where the chief baddie steals his line from Darth Vader. "I find your lack of faith disturbing." *noisy inhale*It's hard to judge the target age for the book which in places is quite cutesie (primarily the dormouse interactions) but is pretty gruesome in others with some parts that are straight horror.The story is engaging and imaginative. The characters never really drew me in to the point where the emotive parts really hit home, but your mileage may vary.

Anyway, if you fancy some YA aimed at perhaps the 10-14 bracket and ripe with demons, witches, witch hunters, spells, death, and dormice (well, one) then give this a try.


Review by: Mark Lawrence

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