The Magician's Land (The Magicians, #3)

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Rating: 5/5 Stars

What an excellent conclusion to a fabulous series!!

There is so much to appreciate here across all three books. This final installment came out a nose head of the others because the conclusion was lovely & terrible & extremely fitting.

It's so weird to me that I actually came to love & appreciate all of these characters to this extent. They are irresistible in their own defective sort of way.

To put it frankly, they're a bunch of elitist asshats, flawed to the bone, and it's arguable that none of them deserve to be considered heroes.

But the growth & developments each of them experience is so satisfying.

Grossman has unleashed into this world a tale so clever that I'm left wondering at the skill it must've taken to walk this line. 

Coming up with a story like this is one thing, but executing it properly & consistently on every front is a separate feat, and one that Grossman has conquered masterfully.

I've said it now in all three of my reviews, but this is definitely not a series everyone will be able to accept. 

Its individual components of cynicism can be difficult to reconcile with the obvious parallels to well-loved series that make up a foundation in fantasy for a lot of us. On top of that, not everyone is excited by the prospect of their ideals about magic torn up by the roots.

It feels like one of those situations in high school where everyone is forced to read a literary classic, and by the end half the class is head over heels in love while the other half is wondering why such a book even exists. 

However, I have truly enjoyed every moment I've spent reading this series. The conclusion is subtle, and it's easy to miss the point if you aren't paying attention. Superb characterization, writing, and storytelling. I'm not sure what more I could've asked for in a final book. 


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