The Black Hawks (Articles of Faith #1) by David Wragg - Book Review

The Black Hawks (Articles of Faith #1) by David Wragg - Book Review

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The Black Hawks by David Wragg is an interesting debut that had entertaining aspects and was altogether a very solid read.


“He was prow-faced, his nose a sharp, brutal beak, his dark and heavy features following in its wake.” 


It may have been that I was not in the right mood when reading this, so I will perhaps reread this when the sequel is announced. While there was no weakness as such to this book, I didn’t feel any driving force. Like amazing characters, or a shocking plot. It was solid, and interesting, but nothing hooked me. 


The characters were varied all with believable personalities and an interesting morally grey code that was executed in an intriguing manner. But there are none that have remained in my head that I loved or felt incredibly attracted to, and this is perhaps why I did not fall in love with this book. To be a favourite of mine, I must click with the characters, with either hatred or love, but I just did not get this. There is potential that I will with the sequel though. 


I did begin to become more immersed towards the later part of the book when the pace began to increase and twists started to occur. The last fifty pages was action-packed and ended in a great manner that has interested me in any sequel that Wragg will write. In my mind, this was definitely the strongest part of the book, which is great as endings are often underwhelming and the weakest part of a novel.


Wragg’s prose is smooth and progresses well, not allowing itself to become bogged down by info dumps, as it easily could have. He slowly trickles information about the world and characters that results in a thorough vivid image of the world that was enjoyable to experience.


So overall, as I have said, The Black Hawks was a strong read, and I am sure that most people will thoroughly enjoy this. I look forward to the sequel, which I shall definitely continue with.





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