The Colour Purple by Alice Walker - Book Review

The Colour Purple by Alice Walker - Book Review

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The Colour Purple is an incredible novel that is brutal and beautiful.  Set during 1920's and 30's America, it appropriately tackles issues such as racism and patriarchal society in a heart wrenching way that made the novel intense and painful, as well as remaining true to life and presenting a mirror to what the reality of society was.

As the reader, you sympathise so strongly for Celie, the main character, and cannot help but love her as the character develops and subtle things even to the extent to the change of her language as she ages occur. Life crushes her and sends problem after problem. but she somehow manages to continue and attempt to move on. Her acceptance of horrific circumstances is horrible and heart breaking, and her kind personality inspires anger within the reader, as it is so unjust.

The Colour Purple is a novel that everyone should read. It is truly a magnificent piece of work that deserves to be praised and read. The prose is brilliant, the world and characters believable, and the plot immersive. One of my favourite books of the year, but a tough and intense read that I need some time to recover from.


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