Empire of Sand (The Books of Ambha #1) by Tasha Suri - Book Review

Empire of Sand (The Books of Ambha #1) by Tasha Suri - Book Review

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Empire of Sand is a wonderfully unique story with an immersive world and relatable characters that carries you on a rollercoaster of emotions!

Empire of Sand was a great debut by Tasha Sure that I thoroughly enjoyed. It has definitely ensured that I will read its sequel, Realm of Ash, and I am glad I gave it a try despite it not residing within my usual reading material.

The world building was efficiently depicted, and something I easily understood although I have not read many books with the influence of Indian culture. This was pleasantly surprising as it overcame what I thought would be a barrier to me and became one of my favourite aspects of the story.

The main character was someone who I really enjoyed following as a PoV because they were believable and had such an intriguing plot-line that intertwined with the other aspects of the story excellently. Within this, the main character battled contemporary issues such as social class, race divides, gender expectations and persecution. Mehr was a likeable person with faults that made her 3-dimensional and allowed me to empathise with her, furthering the bond constructed. The villains were also cleverly portrayed and rich in nature as so much was revealed about them in every encounter and interaction without it being wooden or annoyingly obvious

The plot-line was unguessable so I never had a clue what would happen in the next chapter. To such an extent I sometimes paused a moment to comprehend what just happened, as it completely defied my expectations. This was very refreshing as it can be easy to discern the plot in many novels.

The only thing I wanted more of was action. While there were always events unfolding and twists occurring, it felt a bit repetitive in the middle with the political aspect, but that was only for a small portion of the story. So while there was not as much action as I am used to, I still really enjoyed it, and that testifies how good this book was.

So Empire of Sand was very unique for me as it varied from any read of mine prior to this. It focuses on character building and has an interesting world. I am certainly looking forward to reading Realm of Ash that is published in a few months, and will purchase it when the opportunity arises.

4.25/5 STARS




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