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Blood of Heirs (The Coraidic Sagas #1) by Alicia Wanstall-Burke - Book Review 07, Jun

Blood of Heirs is a fantastic display of character-driven fantasy that will have you feeling every ounce of pain, relief, joy and terror that the POVs endure. 

Blood of Heirs (The Coraidic Sagas) by Alicia Wanstall-Burke - Book Review 30, Mar

I read Blood of Heirs as a judge for the SPFBO competition.


Blood of Heirs is a character driven story that is great across the board. Lovely prose, great plot, brilliant characters. The world was crafted excellently,  subtly making it more and more vivid and interesting as the story developed. 


The story revolves around two narrative tales from the perspectives of Lidan and Ranoth. Their stories link in some mysterious ways but are seperate from each other, exploring entirely different settings, cultures and dangers. 


Ranoth is the heir to a kingdom, a kingdom that is facing large-scale invasions from a greater Empire. He has recently acquired a military position in order to show his worth, but his inexperience and naivety will lead to grave results.


Lidan is the heir to a clan. But only because her father has not produced a male heir. Yet. If she comes to have a brother, she will be nothing but a political tool to marry off for an alliance. A constant question throughout her perspective was, how far will one go to preserve their future? And who will they harm to maintain this?


This two characters form on these pages almost magically, taking shape perfectly. By the conclusion to this book, I felt genuine attachment for both, and fretted at multiple points for their wellbeing. 


 I usually love the book that is ram-packed with action, with a nonstop pace that takes me on a whirlwind of an adventure. But Blood of Heirs was not like this. Despite the difference to most novels I enjoy, the way in which it was executed was wonderful. The tension gradually rose and by the last third, I just could not stop reading.


Before I started, my brother Edward told me that there was a scene that terrified him. I thought he was maybe exaggerating and just laughed at him. But oh… I should have believed him. Anyone who has read this will know the scene I am talking about. SO SCARY!


The prose isn’t lyrical or extravagant, but instead is subtle, efficient and smooth. It carried along the character development and worked perfectly for the story, allowing me to read the second half of this book in just one sitting.


Overall, this was a fantastic debut and opening to The Coraidic Sagas by Alicia Wanstall-Burke, and I look forward to reading the sequel at some point. I was very lucky to be given this to read for the SPFBO competition, and wish Alicia all the best with the results. This deserves to go far!




Blood of Heirs (Coraidic Sagas, #1) by Alicia Wanstall-Burke 13, Feb

Blood of Heirs is the debut book by Australian author Alicia Wanstall-Burke and the first book of a series. This is a coming of age book, I'd categorize it as YA fantasy that is great for the grown-up audience. I am not a big fan of coming of age stories, but this one impressed the hell out of me. First of all, big kudos to Alicia for writing such a  great story that is free of ever-so-irritating love triangles and keeping the romance element to an absolute minimum. One of the reasons I steer clear of YA except for the books that are vetted is the horrendous teen angst, excessive romance (or main plot being romance) and love triangles. That is a huge turn-off for me, and even the romance dose in the mighty Wheel of Time irritated me to no end. Romance and love triangle stuff aside, the characters are highly compelling and the storylines flow smoothly with brilliant twists and turns.

The two main characters are the youths Lidan, who is the daughter of a tribal chieftain, and Ran, the prince of a duchy.  Lidan is my second young girl character after Mark Lawrence's Nona. She is such a tough cookie, so tough and determined, and her character growth is just excellent. Ran is a flawed and likeable young lad. There are quite a few side characters, some have brief parts but they are pretty vivid and alive. Their storylines go independent of each other and do not converge (but might in the next books! You never know.) Both plots are gripping and feature well fleshed-out side characters. 

The setting is quite different, it is a pre-modern fantasy setting but different. Lidan's tribal society is fascinating and the whole setting there has a Bronze Age feel to it. All the tribal traditions and culture are impressively realistic and showcase great worldbuilding skill. I'd say the tribal part was on par with the tribal people in Malazan books (and I don't compare anything to Malazan so lightly!)  Lidan's mother is one of the best side characters, she is a horribly abusive bully but so incredibly realistic, quite a few of her scenes made me flinch. She is not 100% bad, however, she is a grey character which is what makes her so intriguing. 

Ran's country is medieval-like, with brutal laws and merciless traditions. There is lots of military action, siege battles and sorcery going on there and I gotta say I loved those parts being a battle and military fantasy lover. Lots of breathtaking action and suspense-heavy journey parts take place through Ran's arc. Very different characters and settings, but the switching between the two are so smooth you don't even notice. 

Overall I gotta say Blood of Heirs is top notch in every regard. Not only the worldbuilding and the characters are quite impressive, but the action never lets up and there is not a single slow, dragging moment in the whole book. Even the non-action scenes and side quests kept me turning the pages like an addict. I adore Rothfuss's gorgeous prose but slogged through half of The Wise Man's Fear and in Blood of Heirs there was not a single page I can call a slog. This book is a stunning debut to say the least and even if you are no fan of coming of age stories, it is nothing like the "typical" coming of age stories and quite a thrilling read.