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4.5/5 stars

"It's a dangerous game to try to rid yourself of weakness. You never know what else you might be losing in the deal."

The Girl and the Stars (Book of the Ice #1) by Mark Lawrence 05, May

Another Mark Lawrence book, another riveting read about compelling characters traversing the dangers of a surreal world. 

The Girl and the Stars is the story of Yaz, a girl with a magical gift. She is one of the Ithca, a clan belonging to a nomadic people that carve out a harsh existence on a world frozen over by a dying sun. Every four years, the clans gather around the Pit, a giant hole in the ice where those deemed unfit for life on the surface are tossed in by a priesthood that worship a Hidden God. Yaz knows she is different and believes her destiny is to fall. But when her brother is thrown in instead of her, she is faced with a life-changing decision and leaps in after him. What follows is a riveting coming-of-age and search-and-rescue story through an imaginative world beneath the ice. 

Mark Lawrence is considered by many (myself included) as one of the greatest fantasy authors of our age. By often treading a thin line between prose and poetry, his writing compliments and further elevates an already compelling story, resulting in books loved by many and appreciated by all. The Girl and the Stars is no exception.