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The Falcon of Sparta by Conn Iggulden - Book Review 30, Sep

"Your gold buys my service, pleasure of seeing Spartans in battle. It is a rare gift and worth more than mere coins. After all, most men see it only once and never again."

I have finished The Falcon of Sparta and am very satisfied as I close the book in front of me.

It was a great novel with an interesting historical retelling of a great adventure set around 400BC. It is based in the heart of the Persian Empire, with the reign of the old ruler drawing to a close and a new era starting, although it is not clear who will emerge victorious and on the throne...

Every aspect of this novel was well executed. The characters had a great depth, the plot was interesting, and the concepts and main themes were fascinating! Especially the Spartans who Iggulden portrayed so brilliantly. They were epic! But the magical touch that turns a book into a magical read and 5-stars sadly wasn't there. I cannot put my finger on what was slightly lacking, as there was no weakness or part that was specifically lacking. But it was still a great and fun read that was written with Iggulden's usual smooth prose, and filled to the brim with wonderful bits of historical knowledge that brought the story to life and made the world flourish.

The battles varied from minuscule skirmishes to huge battle conflicts involving over 1-million combatants. So a lot of diversity. But each one was written brilliantly and vividly, creating some of the best scenes of the book. They were both simple enough for a reader to understand, and still chaotic as battles truly are and were.

I would recommend this to any who enjoys historical fiction or those who have read and enjoyed previous work by this author. Also if you have an interest in Persian or Ancient Greek history, this is a novel for your consumption. If you have read this and enjoyed Conn Iggulden's style, I would highly recommend his Conqueror secures, which is utterly brilliant! About Genghis Khan. Definitely try it!


 4.25/5 STARS