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Emergency Shift (Full Moon Medic #1) by Daniel Potter Book Review 12, Jun

EMERGENCY SHIFT by Daniel R. Potter is a book that I was looking to pick up and read before I was assigned it for the SPFBO. I used to date an EMT in real life and she shared some truly fantastically weird stories of her job. Given I've had my fill of private detectives and demon hunters, I was interested in seeing how combining the story of a night shift paramedic with urban fantasy would work out.

Interview with SPFBO Author Steve Turnbull 13, Nov

Welcome to BookNest.eu! Can you tell us a few things about yourself?

It has been a singular pleasure to participate in this year’s SPFBO and I’d like to thank Mark Lawrence and Petros for the opportunity. I didn’t realize how daunting the task of reading these five books would be, and I certainly don’t envy those reviewers tackling thirty. The reading was easy. It was choosing only one that was difficult.

The Gossamer Globe by Abbie Evans – A fantasy presidential election goes awry. Comedy ensues.

The Winter of Swords by Aaron Bunce – An orphan, a soldier, and a girl must become something more to survive the Winter of Swords.

Throne by Phil Tucker – Two women are chosen to represent two opposing factions of the Fae court.

The Dragonslayer of Edgewhen – Fantasy problems require fantasy solutions in this lighthearted tale of strangers searching for a mysterious Dragonslayer.





And finally, my choice for semi-finalist...




Weird Theology by Alex Raizman – An awkward loner becomes a god in this fun and zany tale of divinity, destruction, and dancing.



I would like to offer additional thanks to Aaron Bunce, Phil Tucker, Jason A. Holt, Aaron Raizman, and the writing duo known as Abbie Evans for the opportunity to read their work and for dragon ton of future success. I’d also like to congratulate Alex Raizman and wish him luck as I turn his story over to the boss.