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Tower Lord (Raven's Shadow #2) 23, Jun

Read from January 24 to February 01, 2015

My TBR list consists of more than 300 fantasy series (that's right, series as trilogies, pentalogies etc), so i always considered a re-read a waste of time. Why read the same book twice, when there are thousand of new stories out there waiting for you? Tower Lord is the only book, in my life, that i actually read more than once. That has to mean something.

Queen of Fire (Raven's Shadow, #3) 18, Aug

Read from October 03 to October 15, 2015

The Queen of Fire was a nice book, bringing Vaelin's Saga to an end and closing all the open threads, but unfortunately it was not what i was anticipating.

Blood Song (Raven's Shadow, #1) 16, Jun

Read from January 13 to 24, 2015

Blood Song is, perhaps, the greatest self-published story i have read in the past five years.