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Last Memoria (Memoria Duology #1) by Rachel Emma Shaw - SPFBO 2020 Finalist Review 08, Feb

A character-driven story about memory thieves, murderous vines and the search for redemption. 

Last Memoria is the first book in Rachel Emma Shaw's dark fantasy series, The Memoria Duology, and a finalist in this year's Self-Publishing Fantasy Blog Off. Set in a grim fantasy world of memory thieves, tyrants and murderous magical vines, it tells the tragic intertwining tale of Sarilla, a memory thief seeking redemption for the horrors she has committed by her king's command, and Falon, a young nobleman who will do anything to regain the memories that were stolen from him. 

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*This is NOT the official SPFBO review. I read this for my own personal enjoyment*


3.5/5 stars


Last Memoria (Memoria Duology #1) by Rachel Emma Shaw - Book Review 05, May

Last Memoria by Rachel Emma Shaw is a remarkable and tragic story of blurred moral lines and characters who have been hated and abused, who want to be better if only the world would let them. It displays the self-perpetuating nature of hatred and deceit and the wreckage they leave behind as well as the critical role that our memories play in our identity.