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War of Gods (Paternus #3) by Dyrk Ashton Book Review 18, Nov


PATERNUS: WAR OF GODS is the third book in the Paternus trilogy by Dyrk Ashton. It is the story of how there is a secret race of suphumans that inspired all of human mythology as well as religion. These beings are divided between the Deva and Ashura that have battled repeatedly throughout history. It is now the final battle between them and whoever wins shall inherit rulership over the universe forever.

Paternus: Wrath of Gods (Paternus Trilogy #2) 08, Dec

Wrath of Gods stands alongside The Blinding Knife, King of Thorns, and The Desert Spear on the shelf of fantasy sequels that deftly take us deeper into a story and world than we ever expected to go. 

Paternus: Wrath of Gods (Paternus #2) by Dyrk Ashton Book Review 21, Aug

PATERNUS: WRATH OF GODS is the sequel to the extraordinarily good PATERNUS: RISE OF GODS released last year. The premise of Dyrk Ashton's excellent book is that humanity has secretly been host to a race of superhumans called the Firstborn who are the descendants of a billion year old alien called the Paternus. He is the father of all the gods and they are the inspiration for every one of them from Isis to Zeus to more commonly worshiped ones today. Facing them are the Asura, who are led by Lucifer and Shaitan and Baphomut. Which, as you can guess, makes them the bad guys.