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Odin's Wolves (Raven #3) by Giles Kristian - Book Review 26, Jun

Odin’s Wolves marks the conclusion to the Raven series that I have so loved and enjoyed. And wow, was this an amazing ending!


“Glory is the prize that can never be burned, stolen by anyone or lost”


Odin’s Wolves somehow upstaged Blood Eye and Sons of Thunder in terms of tension, emotion, fear and purely epic action sequences!


Giles Kristian’s prose was the same as ever. Efficient, fluid, enchanting. His writing style just so perfectly summarises Raven’s personality, and depicts it in such a wonderful manner.


Odin’s Wolves managed to further the characterisation of this awesome band of warriors once again. From Sven the Red, to Jarl Sigurd and of course, the young Raven, the one whose story I have followed. Through the highs and lows. Trials and tribulations. His character had developed so much and has now been cemented as one of the best written characters I’ve had the pleasure to read.


Kristian’s skill at writing action sequences is unquestionable, as always. From duels to the large scale conflicts, and I promise you, there are some CRAZY battles. All are written differently with their own unique and new perspective, completely immersing me into the conflict every single time. I just cannot get enough of this!


An element that made Odin’s Wolves and the Raven series on the whole incredible is Kristian’s obvious supreme knowledge in the historical subject. With subtle mentions of gods and traditions, it is impossible not to become a part of this story.


“The blade gets dull, if we don't use it” 



I know I have not done justice in this review. But I hope I have managed to convey some of my love for this series. If Norse history intrigues you or fascinates you, please do read this! Just an amazing ending, marking the series as being consistently brilliant.