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Brutal 07, Nov
Published in SPFBO 2018


Brutal is a book that was possibly spawned when Mad Max, Conan, and the Wild West had a threesome.

Fierce (The Brutal Trilogy #2) by James Alderdice Book Review 20, Sep


FIERCE, the second book of the BRUTAL TRILOGY, is an unapologetic homage of Conan the Barbarian by Robert E. Howard with many homages not only to the original stories but also the L. Sprague De Camp pastiches. There are many original twists and turns with the Sellword turned king, Gathelaus, having some differences with Cimmeria's most famous son. It is a great sword and sorcery from beginning to end.

Brutal: An Epic Grimdark Fantasy (The Brutal Trilogy #1) by James Alderdice Book Review 06, Jul


BRUTAL: AN EPIC GRIMDARK FANTASY by James Alderice is an homage to the classic Western A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS, 1920s gangster movie LAST MAN STANDING, and samurai story YOJIMBO. The premise for it is a remarkably flexible one. Basically, a lone warrior goes into a town which is controlled by two rival gangs. Playing the two against one another, he attempts to make a fortune but things quickly spiral out of control.