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Cover Reveal: Chains of Blood by M.L. Spencer 18, Aug

A new novel by M.L Spencer, author of the fantastic Rhenwars Saga is coming soon!


In Chains of Blood, Rylan Marshall’s entire life has been a lie. The heir of a magical legacy he never knew about, Rylan is pursued by a collective entity bent on turning him into a weapon. To avoid this fate, he begins a journey that spans continents and millennia to merge identities with an ancient mage who saved the world by destroying his own civilization. This transformation has the potential to either free Rylan from this fate—or ultimately enslave him to it.

Cover Reveal - Shadow of the Exile (The Infernal Guardian #1) by Mitchell Hogan 24, Jul

I consider Mitchell Hogan to be one of the great fantasy authors out there, so when he asked me to host the cover reveal for his latest novel, Shadow of the Exile, I happily accepted, although this is something we rarely practice on BookNest.eu. But, before I show you the cover, let's see what Shadow of the Exile is about:

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