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Chains of Blood (The Chaos Cycle #1) by M.L. Spencer Book Review 18, Nov


"History is written by the winners, unless it is written by the survivors."

I've always been fond of fantasy that picks up years, decades, or even centuries after the events of a previous book's story. It's why I'm fond of the old Star Wars Legends universe and the current sequel trilogy (even if both had flaws). My favorite "popcorn fantasy" in the Dragonlance novels did an excellent series based around the Heroes of the Lance and their successors up until the events of Dragons of a Summer Flame. Indeed, my love of "what happens next" inspired me to write Wraith Knight and Lucifer's Star (books that are sequels to universes similar to the ones I grew up reading about).

Chains of Blood (The Chaos Cycle #1) by M.L. Spencer - Book Review 13, Oct

It’s been twenty years since the Well of Tears was closed and the lands of the Rhen were freed from the spectre of Chaos. A new generation of mages are in training at the rebuilt Lyceum and people are coming to terms with their new world. But now a new enemy is approaching and the sons of past heroes must fight to keep their loved ones safe. 

Cover Reveal: Chains of Blood by M.L. Spencer 18, Aug

A new novel by M.L Spencer, author of the fantastic Rhenwars Saga is coming soon!


In Chains of Blood, Rylan Marshall’s entire life has been a lie. The heir of a magical legacy he never knew about, Rylan is pursued by a collective entity bent on turning him into a weapon. To avoid this fate, he begins a journey that spans continents and millennia to merge identities with an ancient mage who saved the world by destroying his own civilization. This transformation has the potential to either free Rylan from this fate—or ultimately enslave him to it.