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The Original by Brandon Sanderson and Mary Robinette Kowal - Book Review 22, Apr

The Original is a fast-paced and entertaining sci-fi thriller, best consumed in one sitting. If you like your audiobooks to go the extra mile, with sound effects and tense music at the appropriate moments, then I'm sure you'll very much enjoy this audio production, though for me, as someone who always listens to audiobooks sped up, it mostly just got in the way.

Rhythm of War (The Stormlight Archive #4) by Brandon Sanderson - Book Review 03, Jun

Rhythm of War continues Brandon Sanderson‘s epic Stormlight Archive, building the grand adventure with ever heightening stakes. This fourth installment started off a bit slow for my tastes, but Sanderson skillfully brought things together by the end. It left me satisfied, if not awed, and still looking forward to the fifth book in the series, which will conclude the first age of the Stormlight Archive. For anyone who doesn’t know, the fifth book will complete this epoch of the storyline and Sanderson will circle back to Roshar in a few years (real time) to wrap up the saga.

Rhythm of War, Brandon Sanderson’s most recent doorstop entry in the Stormlight Archive, was released in November of 2020. At 1,232 pages, it is the longest novel in the series and for this reviewer the densest. I began my journey with Sanderson in December of 2017 with The Way of Kings, and despite having never read anything else by him, I was instantly hooked by his mysterious world, compelling characters, and thrilling magic system. Little did I know how essential the rest of his Cosmere was to this series, and how much more I would appreciate Rhythm of War having gone back and read specifically the six Mistborn novels and Warbreaker.