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Before reading this SPFBO review, you may want to take a look at my SPFBO experience over at sonofascritch. Writing a book is hard and I don’t want to leave anyone discourged.

The Gossamer Globe (Gossamer Globe series Book 1) by Abbie Evans is the first of five novels I’ve been assigned as part of SPFBO5. The story takes place in the land of Zatoria, where a bloodless revolution has recently overthrown their tyrannical Queen and established a democratic government. Things kick off with the annoucement of the country’s first elected Prime Minister, commoner Lucia Straw. Lucia galavants around her victory party, assigning people to political office all willy-nilly until finally she receives a call from her greatest political opponent…who accuses her of rigging the election. Conspiracies abound as Lucia works to uncover the forces opposing her, manipulating circumstances through the Gossamer Globe network (the internet in fantasy-land).