Requiem for the Wolf (Tales From the Tiarna Beo #1)

Requiem for the Wolf (Tales From the Tiarna Beo #1)

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Requiem for the Wolf, the first book in Tales from the Tiarna Beo series by Tara Saunders is a great take on lycanthropy stories.

The main plot of the book focused on our main character, Breag, who’s on a mission to find one of the Lost. However, when he finds her, Breag must decide whether to continue his mission and sacrifice her back in his sanctuary or focus on his own future. Judging from the plot itself, there’s nothing too memorable about it, it deals with some religious aspect but most of all, the core of the book is acceptance. The ending of the book is quite satisfying.

What makes the book noteworthy, in my opinion, is its characters and world-building. Breag, Sinnoa, Cu, Carad are characters that at first I really didn’t care about but eventually, once the narratives started giving them their own unique personalities, I started to be invested on their story. This goes to show that the characters developments are there. My favorite part of the book is Breag and Sinnoa’s relationship. If any of you have played the famous video game called Last of Us, their relationship reminds me a bit of Joel and Ellie from there, or if you have watched the movie Logan, the same case with Wolverine and X-23. Not similar in a sense of their blood relations but more on how their relationship develops out of nowhere.

Another thing to praise of is that there’s no info dump here. The world-building is introduced and explained gradually, with a bit of Celtic influence: the Lupes (Werewolves), the setting, and history of the world, organizations and the society in it were aspects I quite enjoyed reading. 

I do however have one major problem with the book, the prose. This is probably a “it’s not you, it’s me” situation, but I really struggled reading the writing. Don’t get me wrong, the story, characters, and world-building are all good, but I feel like the prose just doesn’t flow well; it doesn’t contain flowery language, and the words that were chosen didn't really fit the story the author tried to tell. I lost counts on how many times I had to reread some passages, not because I didn’t understand the words, but because I felt like they didn't make sense.

That problem, however, is clearly from my point of view; there’s a chance other readers could find Tara’s prose to their taste, making this book a better experience for them. Overall, Requiem for the Wolf is a great high fantasy start with Lycanthropy elements; a true fan of werewolf’s story may enjoy this more than me.

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