Men And Dragons

Men And Dragons

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There is so much potential for a story about dragon-riders who bond with their dragons, but alas, it was not fully realized in this novel.

 In the end, the story was predominantly focused around Ash, a scarred apprentice, and Cote, a confident and superlative dragon-rider who took on the task of helping the former overcome his fear of dragons which resulted from an unfortunate incident many years ago. This was essentially a tale of love, friendship and trust between these two and, to a lesser extent, between men and dragons.  

The narrative is in the third person with Ash taking most of the pages. I found myself being a bit annoyed at Ash for being whiny initially, even though I did understand why he was in such a state of mind.  For almost the first half of the book, I also really couldn’t really fathom why Cote was so protective of Ash even before the friendship really blossomed.   

The development of the relationship between Ash and Cote transpired into affectionate displays of brotherly love which almost bordered on being romantic at times.  This was the first time I’ve read something akin to this and to be honest, I was not expecting it. Just to clarify, I have absolutely no issues with the LGBT community; it’s just simply not something that I’ve read before. 

Regardless of the focus of the story, I believe that the plot can be made more interesting.  While there were some scenes on dragon training, I felt the concept was not used to its fullest capacity when it comes to actual action scenes, which were far and few in between. As a result, I was mildly bored throughout the entire book. Ash has a secret heritage initially sounded intriguing but it was not really expanded upon until almost towards the end when some development emerged.  It happened so late in the book that it felt like it was there just to wrap up the story.  In short, the writing was decent but the storytelling was not able to sufficiently engage me.  


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