Semi-finalists (BookNest)

Semi-finalists (BookNest)


The Final Harvest - Eliminated

City of Hope and Ruin - Eliminated

Shadow, Shadow - Semi-finalist

The Fading Dusk - Eliminated

Blossom and the Beast - Eliminated


City of Masks - Eliminated

99 Days - Eliminated

Requiem for the Wolf - Semi-finalist

The Ring and the Flag - Eliminated

The Children of Espen - Eliminated


Throne of Ice - Eliminated

The War of the Black Tower - Eliminated

The Silent Song - Eliminated

The Shattered Orb  - Semi-finalist

Men and Dragons - Eliminated


The Dragon Wakes - Eliminated

Rune Empire - Semi-finalist

Wreckers Gate - Eliminated

Fall Far From The Tree - Eliminated  

Spire City, Season One: Infected - Eliminated 


The Brothers Jetstream: Leviathan - Eliminated

Shadowbane: Age of Aelfborn - Eliminated

Mercenary - Eliminated

A Star-Reckoner's Lot - Semi-finalist

The Tainted Shrine - Eliminated


Kindling - Eliminated

Benjamin Ashwood - Eliminated

The White Tower - Eliminated

Pilgrim of the Storm - Eliminated

Pilgrimage to Skara - Semi-finalist