Haven (The Fae Queen's Court) by Ceril N Domace - Book Review

Haven (The Fae Queen's Court) by Ceril N Domace - Book Review

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Haven has an intriguing premise. Essentially, all mythological creatures are actually evolved forms of Fae. The Fae are believed to be long gone from the world, but some of them still live amongst humans, retaining a humanoid form until they evolve, unpredictably, into a new creature.

Into this, the protagonist, Owen is thrown with his wife and children. His wife’s sudden illness sees him rushing her to hospital, only to be involved in a fatal car crash. She dies, already partially transformed into a griffin. Owen’s shock at her loss and discovering she was Fae is further complicated when his kids are kidnapped in a home invasion, leading him on a quest to the heart of the Fae kingdom.

Sadly, that’s as far as I was able to get with this story. For me, the writing needs more development. I believe this is the author’s first book, and these are always tricky. The idea and the world are interesting, but the execution needs work. Unfortunately, I found the editor in me regularly wanting to make notes and give feedback, rather than being able to just read and enjoy the story.

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