Dire (Feathers and Flames Book One) by John Bailey - Book Review

Dire (Feathers and Flames Book One) by John Bailey - Book Review

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I’ll be honest, this one was not for me. It may very well be exactly what you are looking for, in which case,  I’m sure you’ll find it lots of fun. It’s not that I have anything against Gryphons, to be fair, I tend to find any books where the main point of view character is an animal a bit disengaging. I guess it’s the anthropomorphic behaviours that I just don’t buy in to. I guess that one is on me, not the author. 

 Setting aside my prejudice at viewing the world through the eyes of a Gryphon, I found the level of writing and general editing of this book to be a bit off the pace compared to some of my other allotted books.

 Plot-wise, it was all just a bit on the sparse side, with the main character Euraiya’s development taking the stage for the majority of what is a fairly short book. On the whole I felt that this book would’ve worked better as an interesting backstory to the main event, which I’m guessing Bailey has planned out and is in the works. Perhaps the story would work better if it was injected at the end of the series, as a brief prequel, or as bait to entice a potential reader to pick up the series.

 My overall feeling is that this book was simply a little too niche for me, and may appeal a bit more to those who enjoy stories through the eyes of great, fantastical creatures. I’m sorry to say, it just did not have enough quality in the characters, the depth of plot, or the overall execution for me to really enjoy the story. 


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