The Gods of Men (Gods of Men #1) by Barbara Kloss

The Gods of Men (Gods of Men #1) by Barbara Kloss

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"There are always two sides, Sable". The wolf said lowly. "Don't dismiss mine because it complicates yours."

The Gods of Men is the first instalment in an exciting new series by Barbara Kloss. In this book we're treated to some fantastic world building, exciting characters and plot twists that leave you gob-smacked! I must admit, after reading other reviews, I had pretty high expectations going into this book and I wasn't disappointed. So here's my thoughts on the book.

We Follow two main characters throughout the book, both of which are likable characters. Although they're polar opposites in every aspect, both start to develop feelings for each other which creates an enjoyable love story throughout the book. 

Sable is a healer and a petty thief currently living out her exiled life in the rough and dangerous part of the world known as The Wilds. shunned from her family and home for the accidental death of her younger sister caused by deadly magic she barely understands. After ten long years of torment and loneliness. Sable's world is about to be turned upside down.....again.

Jeric, also known as Jos or The Wolf depending on who you are, is the second son of King Tommad of Corinth. Jeric has a deadly reputation for hunting and killing scabs who are seen as a threat to Corinth. Early on in the book, Jeric is sent on a mission by his older brother Hagan to find and bring back a specific healer to treat their dying father.

These two characters are polar opposites, Jeric despises scabs and anyone who associates with them and Sable, like every Sol Valerian, hates the Corinthians for what they did to her people. But things never go as planned and before you know it a romance blossoms between the two. I usually tend to avoid books that have a heavy romantic setting, but this book is different to anything I've ever read. The pacing is perfect and the romance is believable to the point where I found myself really enjoying that aspect of the book.

The part I enjoyed most was the fight scenes, That's right, Kloss can also write an intense and badass fight scene. I'm a sucker for a warrior whose faster, stronger and more intelligent when it comes to combat. I guess you could blame that on David Gemmell and the infamous Druss. For some people its unrealistic and I get that, but in this case, I think it fits perfectly into the story.

The magic system used in this book is truly fantastic. We get treated to all kinds of magic, from murderous necromancers to enchanted musical instruments. The creatures featured in this book are also really cool, my favourite being the shades, they are basically humans that have been poisoned to the point where they transform both physically and mentally. They kind of reminded me of the Corrupted shades from the video game, Skyrim.

My only criticism throughout the whole journey was the beginning scene. It started off really exciting up until the death of Sables sister and then it seemed to be a bit rushed. I would have liked to have experienced Sables escape rather than it skipping ten years ahead. For me, it would have been a great edition to the story. It doesn't completely spoil the opening to the book it just lacks that 'oomph'.

Overall, I enjoyed The Gods of Men, you can easily see how its made it this far, despite this years SPFBO being extremely competitive. 7/10 Stars

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