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The Summoner and the Seer (Darklight Universe #1)
26, Aug

He murdered her family. She sentenced him to eternal torture. 

Now they have to work together to save the world from the coming darkness. 

The Culling (The Beast of Maug Maurai #1)
23, Aug

The Beast of Maug Maurai – Part One: The Culling is a story from two perspectives. The first is Black Murrogar, an ageing hero tasked with escorting a Duke's household through the feared forest of Maug Maurai. There's a beast known to haunt the forest, a fabled creature that no one has ever survived encountering. So it should come as no surprise that the expedition is ambushed. Murrogar must get as many as he can to safety, all while fending off attacks from the savage beast.

The Stars Were Right (The Bell Forging Cycle #1)
09, Aug

The Stars Were Right is noir-esque fantasy with a Lovecraft'ian bent. There's a good chance you already know if this one is for you or not.

Doormaker (Rock Heaven #1)
07, Aug

ROCK HEAVEN is the first novel of the Doormaker series, which is a "otherworld" fantasy where a young teenager is transported to different worlds. In this case, Maella and her family are "doormakers." They are cursed by their gift, unable to open any door they encounter without creating a dimensional portal. It doesn't matter whether it's a cabinet, drawer, or screen door--any door they open will expose them to extraterrestrial threats. They live impoverished, paranoid lives where they are hated and shunned as outcasts. Then Maella breaks the one rule her family has established, "never open a door."

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