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The Cave Between Worlds (Shadowland Chronicles #1)
20, Oct

Freddy Fitzroy is able to see fairies. His brother Tom can't see fairies (supposedly). The two of them soon find themselves immersed in a war between the Earth's wizards and the supernatural races. Gradually, they become aware of things like centaurs and vampires in their backyard. They also discover that anyone who gives aid or succor to the supernatural races will be punished by death. They must make a choice whether to side with the human race's self-proclaimed champions or those creatures which are being hunted into extinction.

Continue Online Part One: Memories
18, Oct

This book... is an odd one. From the description it sounds like a pretty standard litRPG. Main character heads into virtual online game, adventures and personal growth ensue. But that's really not what this book is about at all. Continue Online is about trauma and one man's struggle to overcome the loss that has defined his life for years.

The Ember Child (The Godsbane #1)
16, Oct

My fifth and final review for the SPFBO! This a review of my last (but not least) book as a guest judge for Booknest in this year's competition. I guess I'm going to have to make a choice as to which book I put forward as a semi-finalist soon. It's not going to be easy. Today I'm reviewing a really terrific book called The Ember Child, by Anthony Mitchell. As a starting point, think Macbeth meets 300...

Twin Spirit (Domino Galaxy #1)
17, Oct

My SPFBO review number 4! That's four of the five books I'm guest judging for Booknest this year, and so far it has been a wonderful experience. Today, Twin Spirit by Matthew Thompson...

Dragon Bones (The Dragonwalker #1)
14, Oct

My SPFBO review number three! As I've mentioned, I'm a guest judge this year for Booknest, one of six, and my task is to read and review five of Booknest's batch of thirty books (no ratings), and forward my pick of the lot as a semifinalist. Today I'm reviewing D.K. Holmberg's Dragon Bones.

Orconomics: A Satire (The Dark Profit Saga #1
08, Oct

My second SPFBO review! As a guest judge this year, and one of six, my task is to read and review five of Booknest's batch of thirty books (no ratings), and forward my pick of the lot as a semifinalist. This week I've read and am reviewing J. Zachary Pike's Orconomics: A Satire. I'm just going to come out and say it, without reservation, shame, or regret - I loved this book.

Crystalline Vision (Energy Unveiled #1)
30, Sep

CRYSTALLINE VISION by Barbara Snow is a New Age urban fantasy novel primarily concerned with the in's and out's of spiritual energies as well as figuring out how to adapt what amounts to the Force to  highly expensive Silicon Valley project. It's a quirky little novel that accepts as defacto that the universe is a good place and that people who attempt to subvert mystic forces are going to end up screwing themselves over.

Corruption of Honor, Pt. 1: The Burning of Riverend (The Fall of Kingdoms #1)
24, Sep


Corruption of Honor is a classic sword and sorcery with a fairly unique perspective. The book begins early with a flurry of action and never lets up. I was able to enjoyably breeze through this book with no hiccups, errors, or missing words, so it has been well edited and provided a nice piece of entertainment. The author is not a debut and has a few laudable credits to her name with another fantasy series. I find myself intrigued enough to pick up some more of her work. 

Ghost Electricity (Hawthorn House #1)
23, Sep

My first official SPFBO review! As a guest judge this year, and one of six, my task is to read and review five of Booknest's batch of thirty books (no ratings), and forward my pick of the lot as a semifinalist. If all of them are as good as the first one I've read, Ghost Electricity by Sean Cunningham, I've got my work cut out for me. This could be a tough decision. 

The Memoirs of a Faun
19, Sep


The Memoirs of a Faun by Caldon Mull 

The story itself, is of a unique group called the Numinous Constraint Agency. It is their job to recover Numinosities living in our world who are in moving into their Luminous Cycling. Cycling can be a very dangerous time for mortals in contact with them and the world we inhabit could be destroyed if they’re left to run the gauntlet alone and unencumbered. The Numinous Constraint team, consists of an Angel, a Titan, a human agent from the CIA, and the boss, Arteus, the Faun.

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