SPFBO 2019 - Phase 1 - First Booknest Semifinalist

SPFBO 2019 - Phase 1 - First Booknest Semifinalist

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Participating in this years' SPFBO has been a blast. I've really enjoyed some of these stories, and would like to thank Mark Lawrence, and Petros, for the opportunity. I've read my five allotted books, and you can find a brief description of each and a link to my review. 


1) Children of the Dead City by Noor Al-Shanti - A young boy is taken from his home to be the adopted brother of a princess. 

2) Zaaz: Witch in Winter by Eli Selig - A young girl must fight for her freedom and friends against some dangerous enemies

3) In the Land of the Penny Gnomes by Wesley T Allen - A boy finds himself in a land where imagination comes to life.

4) Igniting Vengeance by Tom Hanson - A young woman comes home to find her village destroyed and her sisters missing


And last but not least... my choice for semifinalist:

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King Arthur is alive... and his enemy will stop at nothing to destroy him. Read the full review here. Congrats to Jacob Sannox, and good luck to the rest of the authors this year. 

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