Petros is the creator & owner of BookNest. He lives in Patrai, Greece, where he works as a betting agent.

In his free time you may find him reading books, watching TV, and participating in Roman orgies (not really). 

He also has an infatuation with sloths that others might call unhealthy.

The City of Ember (Book of Ember, #1) 12, Jul

Read in June, 2016

Maybe 18 months ago, I came out of my office to find my 5 year old son laying in the hallway reading a book.He wasn't just flipping through a picture book, either. He was actually reading it. A book with all words and no pictures.This was that book.

The Waking Fire (The Draconis Memoria #1) 05, Jul

 Read from June 30 to July 05, 2016

I received a signed ARC of The Waking Fire the day before my birthday. Best birthday gift ever?  I'll begin by saying that The Waking Fire is nothing like the Blood Song. If you are looking for a Badass and heroic, flaming-sword-holding and ever-winning protagonist, you are searching in the wrong place.

Framing and Entering (Short Story) 16, Jun

Read from June 13 to 14, 2016

I don't usually read short stories, and most definitely i never review them, but for every rule there is an exception. A friend recently recommended "Framing and Entering" as a short and light story since i was "reading a lot of grim stuff" lately.