Wreckers Gate (The Devastation Wars #1)

Wreckers Gate (The Devastation Wars #1)

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I definitely have mixed feelings about this book. It mainly follows the story of Wulf Rome & Quyloc as they work together with the deific figure, Lowellin, to try and contain a spirit of evil in its supposedly unbreakable prison. 

The story began on a promising note, with Rome taking up the mantel of the strong-willed & just ruler and Quyloc as the silent, but wise best friend. There are a couple other perspectives thrown in, but the story centralizes around these two as Rome assumes power in the kingdom & Quyloc becomes his royal advisor. 

Initially, I was excited about the story as it seemed to harken back to all the things I love in Fantasy & was written well enough to keep my attention. However, as I progressed the plot started to feel very tropey & overdone. Nothing incredibly new was brought to the table, and so I felt like I was ingesting a slightly different version of a story I've read many times. 

Some of this could have maybe been made up for had the pace not been so dreadfully slow. The story ambled along & did not really catch my interest again until the end. 

I also wasn't a huge fan of how the relationships between the central characters progressed. It felt as though everyone was constantly acting out of spite. Especially with Lowellin. Quyloc & Rome rightfully question his motives for most of the novel, but his responses are vague & unconvincing. I'm not sure I would've been a willing protagonist to this story with such a cruel & ambiguous character to guide me. 

There was some interesting hints at the magic in this world, but I couldn't quite find myself invested with what was going on. Like Lowellin, it too was a bit too vague for too long.

I must say though that this story is written well. Despite the pace, I didn't mind the writing & had no issues with imagining events of the book. 

Not a bad story, but personally Wreckers Gate wasn't my cup of tea.


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