Shadowbane: Age of Aelfborn

Shadowbane: Age of Aelfborn

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First things first: hire a decent editor if you are going to publish a novel. Nothing against Francois, but this happens all too often in self-publishing (and I for one know as I have edited several indie novels in the past). From the simple misuse of a semi-colon to a paragraph misplaced in the context of the story, these things really distract some readers from really diving into the story. 

Megildur is our main character. This is something you will never forget throughout this novel as his name is mentioned about every other word. He is on a journey with two different paths: one to save his sister and another to acquire a legendary sword, Shadowbane; his "destiny". On these journeys, he comes across a myriad of obstacles and creatures that he must defeat in order to claim what's his. 

Sound familiar?

Francois does a good job intertwining several different mythos and bringing all sorts of creatures to the table, but your head will spin at certain points as you'll forget what is what. He also introduces several "new" races to the table and does a decent job of creating interest. The main issue I had with the novel was prose. The sentence structure is very amateur and lacks guttural punch. Instead of an epic fantasy novel with true grit and melody, being compared to Lord of the Rings, it felt like reading a LitRPG novel written for kids. Guess that makes sense as this novel is to reveal the lore behind the PVP game, Shadowbane. 

All in all, I'm not one for lighthearted fantasy so this really wasn't my cup of tea. If you have an interest in Shadowbane lore or want a quick, easy fantasy novel to cleanse your pallet, grab this one.

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