Hey folks,

We have a great new interview here with two of Onyx Path Publishing's best and brightest: Matt McElroy and Matthew Dawkins. Together, the two have played a part in creating WORLD OF DARKNESS: GHOST HUNTERS, which is a new tabletop roleplaying game supplement coming out for the World of Darkness 20th Anniversary line.

Like many projects from Onyx Path, this is going to first appear on the Kickstarter platform for crowd-funding and promotion. It just started today and already has filled its initial goals. I look forward to seeing what stretch goals can be met before the end.


Now let's go talk about the project!

Hey Benedict, thank you for joining me today! First thing to get out of the way before we jump into it – you made it to this year’s SPFBO semi-finals; even though Lynn ultimately went with Rob Hayes“Never Die” as her finalist, you put up one hell of a fight! Are you pleased with how this year’s contest turned out?

Welcome to! Can you tell us a few things about yourself?