War of the God Queen (Age of Monsters #1) by David Hambling Book Review 23, Aug


WAR OF THE GOD QUEEN is an indie dark fantasy by David Hambling. I'm a huge fan of his Harry Stubbs series that I reviewed elsewhere. However, I was surprised to hear about him moving from writing occult detective novels and horror to a more fantastical series set during a Hyborian Age-like Bronze Age. This is a direct sequel to The Dulwich Horror but has more in common with Brian Lumley's later Titus Crow novels than the previous occult mysteries. Which is to say the best response to dealing with Cthulhu and his ilk is to stab them in the face. It also doesn't require reading said book to understand it.

The Book of Yig: Revelations of the Serpent: A Cthulhu Mythos Anthology by Various Book Review 15, Apr


The works of H.P. Lovecraft are notable for the fact that, for all his own accomplishments, he was a very early proponent of open source intellectual property. He encouraged other authors to share his creatures and concepts while doing the same with their stuff. Robert Bloch (Psycho) and Robert E. Howard worked with him on multiple projects. Combined with the work of being like August Derleth and Chaosium, HPL's work continued to the modern day where new authors can play in his sandbox.

Interview with Matthew Davenport, David Hambling, David J. West, David Niall Wilson, and C.T. Phipps 29, Apr

Welcome to the Round Table for TALES OF THE AL-AZIF by myself, Matthew Davenport, David Niall Wilson, David Hambling, and David J. West. This is a discussion between the authors about what they thought while writing the book, what inspired them, and what they thought about everyone else's contributions.