The Umbral Storm  by Alec Hutson (The Sharded Few #1) 27, Dec

The opening hundred pages or so of this chunky epic fantasy are twisty and delightful, delivering unexpected reversals of fortune and unforeseen complications that set up a dynamic plot. The author excelled at continually deepening and expanding conflicts on multiple axis. In my opinion, this is one of the core requisites for a truly captivating epic fantasy. And this novel delivers. Despite a hefty page count, the book went quickly. And I am eager for the next installment.

The Shadows of Dust by Alec Hutson - Book Review 13, Sep

The Shadows of Dust is a sweeping fantasy space opera. It was an adventure that I absolutely loved. What a wonderful setting this novel had! Big Star Wars meets Dungeons & Dragons vibes here, a unique blend of science fiction and fantasy that I think is vastly under-represented in speculative fiction today. I gave it top marks on that alone, but there was even more to love in this novel. 

The Crimson Queen (The Raveling #1) 03, May

Rating: 9.5/10 stars

I’m completely blown away.  This book completely obliterated my expectations.  It was fantastic!