A Time of Dread (Of Blood and Bone #1) by John Gwynne - Book Review 05, Jun

Title: A Time of Dread

Author: John Gwynne

Series: Of Blood and Bone 

Genre: Epic fantasy

Publisher: MacMillan, 2018

Pages: 458 

Rating: 5 stars 


The Banished Lands are darker and more dangerous than ever before. 

(Warning: contains some spoilers for The Faithful and the Fallen)

John Gwynne’s The Faithful and the Fallen (TFatF) is one of my all-time favourite fantasy series to date. Upon finishing Wrath, I chose to take a break before jumping into A Time of Dread, the first book in the sequel trilogy, Of Blood and Bone, (OBaB), because I wanted to savour it as much as possible. That did not last long. 

Over a century has passed since the Day of Wrath, when Corban and the forces of the faithful defeated Asroth and the forces of the fallen. Leaderless, the remaining Kadoshim scattered to the furthest corners of the land and the Ben Elim and Order of the Bright Star have been hunting them ever since. From the very first page it is obvious that this is a darker story than TFatF. A foreboding prologue sets the tone and a creeping sense of dread imbues every page. This is an altogether different world than the one we left behind at the end of Wrath. I love the approach Gwynne went for here. 

A Time Of Dread (Of Blood and Bone #1) 30, Jul

5/5 Stars

Wow! what a great start to another series by John Gwynne. A Time Of Dread is based in the Banished 100+ years from the events in Faithful And The Fallen. You don't exactly have to read John Gwynne's first series to understand whose who and what the story is based on. Although I would recommend The faithful And The Fallen purely because it's an awesome series and I promise you, it will not disappoint.

A Time of Dread (Of Blood and Bone #1) 13, Apr

Rating: 4/5 stars

“Sometimes the only answer is blood and steel.”