A Storm of Silver and Ash (The Oncoming Storm #1)

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Round Three! As a guest judge in this year's SPFBO 2020, I have been tasked with reading 5 of the 30 books in Booknest's batch this year, and choosing 1 of them to go on as a semi-finalist. My 5 books are The Jealousy of Jalice by Jesse Nolan Bailey, Wayfarer by K.M. Weiland, A Storm of Silver and Ash by Marion Blackwood, Architect by RT Mulder, and Chasing Sunrise by Emily Mah. I will also be writing a brief review for each of them. Once that is done, I'll announce my choice of semi-finalist - and that's all happening today! Next up for review - A Storm of Silver and Ash by Marion Blackwood...

If you like your fantasy with thieves guilds, the pace of a quickening heartbeat, and a bad-ass, wisecracking female lead, A Storm of Silver and Ash is just what you've been waiting for. Storm goes beyond thieving antics to paint a bigger and broader picture of political intrigue and big-battle war, too, so this is epic fantasy as much or even more than a build to the big heist. And it has very cool elves. Nuff said!

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