Pool of Knowledge (The Hidden Wizard Book 1) by Vaughan W. Smith

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This year I once again have the privilege of being an SPFBO guest judge for Booknest, and today I am reviewing Pool of Knowledge by Vaughan W. Smith, the first book in The Hidden Wizard series, and the last of the five books in my group. Of my group, Pool comes closest to being a classic 'farm boy' fantasy, with a touch of magic school thrown in. Both of those storylines are very popular, and this book might be right up your alley.

In a classic setup, our young protagonist is studying a trade he's not sure he's really interested in, when the head of the region's most esteemed school for wizards arrives in his sleepy village to recruit him. Together with his father, the young man sets off with the wizard to travel to the school. Instead of going straight to his studies, however, our hero must endure an arduous journey fret with peril. Under the tutelage of the old wizard, Granthion, he's forced to develop his nascent powers just to survive.

I enjoyed the characters and story, but to my taste the writing felt a little stilted and the pacing uneven. Those things might not bother you at all, however, and if you enjoy a good classic epic fantasy in the farm boy / magic school vein, you should definitely check it out. From what I can see, there are at least three more books available in the series.

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