Announcing the 2017 BookNest Fantasy Awards

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The team is happy to announce the process for this year's Fantasy Awards.

The 2017 Awards will have three different categories:

01) Best traditionally-published novel

02) Best self-published novel

03) Best debut novel (trad & self-pub)


First stage is now finished!

(Starting the longlist)

Within September, we will ask three big Publishers and six renowned Bloggers to nominate their favorite fantasy books for each category, published between October 2016 and September 2017.

Second stage is now finished!

(Finishing the longlist)

In the first week of October (1st to 7th), we will allow the public to add some more books to each category (the ones that will receive the most nominations via email) making the numbers even and completing the longlist.

Third stage is now finished!

(Voting for the shortlist)

In the second week of October (8th to 14th), there will be an open vote to select the 10 best books from each category, which will make it to the shortlist.

Fourth stage is now live!

(Voting for the winners)

From 15th to 31st October, the voting for the winners will take place.One day later, we will announce the 3 winners.

The winners will be selected by a mathematical formula that will combine votes and Goodreads stats (such as number of reviews and/or average rating). This is but a safe mechanism to prevent the manipulation of the awards. For example, if a book receives more votes than its goodreads ratings, then something is obviously wrong.

Finally, the awards themselves will be revealed within September, so stay tuned!



The team


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