C.T. Phipps

C.T. Phipps

C.T Phipps is a lifelong student of horror, science fiction, and fantasy. An avid tabletop gamer, he discovered this passion led him to write and turned him into a lifelong geek. He is a regular blogger on "The United Federation of Charles".

He's written Agent G, Cthulhu Armageddon, Lucifer's Star, and The Supervillainy Saga.

No Man's Land (Star Trek: Picard #4) by Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson Book Review 06, May


STAR TREK: PICARD: NO MAN'S LAND is a audio drama that is about an hour and a half long as well as primarily done by Michelle Hurd alongside Jeri Ryan. There are plenty of other cast members, though, and it is written by Star Trek mainstay Kirsten Beyer. It is something I immediately bought despite not liking audio dramas generally and much-preferring the printed page or more traditional audiobooks.

Starship for Sale (Starship for Sale #1) by M.R. Forbes Book Review 04, May


STARSHIP FOR SALE by M.R. Forbes is a delightful homage to THE LAST STARFIGHTER and EXPLORERS, which is a movie pair I bet you haven't heard of. The premise is Ben Murdock, a teenage boy who finds out that he has cancer, finds himself contacted by a strange man who claims that he has an actual shapeship for sale. Having nothing to lose but time, Ben goes to visit this individual with his best friend Matt, and discovers that the offer is all too real.

War Games (Behind Blue Eyes #3) by Anna Mocikat Book Review 04, May


BEHIND BLUE EYES: WAR GAMES by Anna Mocikat is the third installment of the Behind Blue Eyes series. A series about a young cybernetically enhanced super-soldier, Nephilim, who has been working as a brainwashed member of a brutal megacorp-backed death squad for years. Nephilim briefly got her freedom but has since been forced back into the ironically-named Guardian Angels' service.