Lords of the Dragon Moon (Rex Draconis #2) 20, Aug

Richard Knaak is a name in fantasy which is very dear to my heart since one of the first novels I read in my teenage years was THE LEGEND OF HUMA. Later, I would read many of his other works like THE SUNWELL TRILOGY and WAR OF THE ANCIENTS. Other than his DRAGONLANCE and WORLD OF WARCRAFT novels, I read his excellent BLACK CITY SAINT urban fantasy series.

Under the Dragon Moon (Rex Draconis #1) 24, Mar


I was a huge fan of Dragonlance growing up. I would often go down to my local bookstore, once a week at least, and I would purchase a five dollar paperback to read for the next few days then pick up another one. There were hundreds of stories written by many different writers that expanded the world of Krynn as well as its characters. Some were good, some were bad, and all were eagerly devoured by my younger teenage self. One of the best Dragonlance writers was Richard A. Knaak. He created The Legend of Huma, Kaz the Minotaur, and several other works which rank among the best of the setting's work.