The V Girl 26, Jun

Rating: 3.5 stars

Genre: Dystopia, New Adult, Romance

Lila's dystopian America is dark and gloomy. After a disastrous, merciless civil war, her town is on the losing side and as a result, she faces the fear of rape and abuse as a form of retaliation. With the recruiting ceremony approaching, a ceremony that will define whether she'll become a sex slave by force and during which the possibilities of heinous crimes are extremely high, Lila desides to lose her virginity. To stop being the V Girl. But nothing goes as planned, and instead of seducing her best friend she meets the mysterious Aleksey, a gorgeous man that scares and fascinates her. Will Lila manage to survive unscathed in a world where violence is the law? What if she loses not only her innocence, but also her heart?