Uncharted 10, Jan

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Rating: 5/5 stars

Imagine radiant, colourful fireworks exploding in your chest.

They leave only ribbons of tattered flesh and a pool of blood. The pain is unbearable, but when they exploded, the sight was so beautiful it left you speechless, and thus you don't harbor any regrets. When Hurt and Art mingle, in a way that makes you feel alive in your nerves and in your cells, the explosion seems like a fair price. A price I willingly paid when I read Uncharted.

Take Your Time (Boston Love, #4) 09, Jul

Rating: 5/5 stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Romantic Suspense, Humor

“Life is a beautiful, broken mess. Closer to a Shakespearean tragedy than a Hollywood happy ending.”

Well, life is indeed a Shakespearean tragedy when it dawns on you that Luca Buchanan, Boston's most badass MMA fighter and Alpha Male Extraordinaire, is not real. I'm going to numb my pain by watching Stephen Amell working out in those deliciously entertaining salmon ladders that make Lila (and me, and you, and every creature with ovaries) drool.

The Monday Girl (The Girl Duet #1) 05, Dec

Rating: 5 stars

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance

There are different types of heartbreak.

Most of them are related to loss. You can lose a job, a loved one, yourself. The strangest type of heartbreak though is the one that belongs to someone else, yet you experience it through her eyes, her damaged sanity and broken soul.

But that is not the case with The Monday Girl. Because this heartbreak belongs to you.