Anything You Can Do

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Rating: 4/5 stars

Genre: New Adult, Romance, Romantic Comedy

Oh well, there is a reason I love R.S. Grey.


Anything You Can Do was one of her best works! A light-hearted, uplifting, feel-good, enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy to make you believe in love and sunshine and soulmates! Not to mention that Doctor Mc. Dreamy, aka Lucas Thatcher, looks like Henry Cavill.

I'm such a goner.

“Roses are red.

Daisy is you,

I heard you came back,

and I did too.”

Lucas Thatcher and Daisy Bell have been in competition since the day they were born. Literally. They have devoted their lives in besting each other using any means necessary, and after eleven years apart, they finally returned to their home town as mighty doctors claiming the same practice. The only practice. And thus a new era in their competition begins, but this time it's full of tension, stolen kisses and feelings Daisy cannot comprehend. What if her nemesis is everything she's ever wanted? What if Lucas Thatcher is caring and wickedly delicious instead of the cold bastard she'd always believed? Will they set aside their differences for a chance together?

“You listen here, Lucas Thatcher. I hate you, but you're going to kiss me. You're going to kiss me and you're not going to stop.”

With Anything You Can Do, R.S. Grey returned to her golden rule.

Daisy and Lucas' story was:

Sweet. Tightness in your chest, rapid heartbeat, butterflies dancing in your stomach, warmth spreading in your veins and every cell in your body, and you fall in love with them, dream, hope, sigh and maybe, for a moment, you forget that you're going to spend Valentine's Day eating hamburgers in your comfy pyjamas.

Sexy. Fluffiness is not all you get. It all started with a kiss in the corridor, but it escalated quickly and before you even knew it, your cheeks were ablaze and your mouth dry, and this time you couldn't forget your miserable love life. You just lived vicariously through Daisy. 

That lucky bitch.

Funny. So, so funny. This novel was full of amusing moments, witty banters and incidents that cracked you up and put a smile on your face that refused to go away. It was there the entire time, whether there were rotten fruit involved or school dances (in this case there were also happy tears), and it never left. You can still feel it creeping on your lips.

“You've been so blinded by the competition you've built up in your own head, you can't see what's right in front of you-what's been there the whole fucking time.”

Daisy, albeit a little blind, was an entertaining and likable heroine,a that sucked you in her narration and her journey to find love, a love that was in front of her since she was a little girl. But Lucas was my star. He was adorable, a dreamy book-boyfriend who at first looked like an asshole but later, through his e-mails and his small and big gestures stole my heart. Did I mention he looks like Henry Cavill?

“I am the Annie Oakley to his Frank Butler and I firmly believe that anything he can do, I can do better.”

Thank you, R.S. Grey, for another wonderful story!

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