ЯED (True Reign, #2)

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Rating: 5/5 stars

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance

“The weight of the crown sitting atop her head was heavier than she had anticipated.”

Dear Jennifer Anne Davis,

You are the reason I will fail my upcoming exams. Instead of studying, I spent the entire day reading your beautiful book and daydreaming about a brooding prince and swooning over a heartwarming romance and plotting to take back a kingdom. I think you have destroyed me.


A law student that doesn't study law

In case you're wondering why ЯED is way more interesting and engrossing than law textbooks, allow me to enlighten you:

The story

Rema was saved from execution by the rebels that threaten to overthrow the cruel king and his sons and restore the former royal line. Still unaware of her heritage, she learns how to defend herself and wonders whether she can trust these people who also keep secrets from her, while her heart aches from the belief that Darmik never cared about her. Meanwhile Darmik searches for the rebels' combound and fights an inner battle which will result in betraying his family or betraying his heart and his people. When Rema and Darmik cross paths again, when secrets finally come to light, everything will change.

“It's time to fix our wrongs and help this kingdom. You are the only hope we have.”

The characters

“Dreaming no longer held the escape it once did. Instead of beauty and adventure, the darkness was now filled with evil, violence and betrayal.”

While the first half of the book was rather slow, it was so full of character development that set the foundations for a thrilling second half! We witnessed Rema turning from a naive, helpless and trusting girl into a strong, proud woman who isn't afraid of speaking her mind and doesn't hesitate to use her power to accomplish her goals. She becomes politically aware, she embraces her destiny despite being scared and although everyone had been lying to her she didn't hold a grudge and we were spared the unnecessary drama. But war also raged inside of Darmik. He was torn between what he had to do and what he wanted to do, he was sick of killing without a reason and he knew that his family was not suitable to rule, but he couldn't ignore that they shared the same blood. Even though he wasn't certain of Rema's intentions, he was guided by a genuine need to protect her and eventually he stopped fighting his feelings for her and embraced them. I loved him in the first book, but now I can say for sure that my heart belongs to him unconditionally. There were also strong friendships, Neco's loyalty was touching and so was Rema's devotion to Vesha. Lennek was still a sick, sick bastard and (I never thought I'd say this but) this guy

has some very creative ideas I'd want to apply on the horrible prince. The was also Savenek (for a few pages I was terrified we'd be introduced to a love triangle and God help me those pages were excruciating) who could not face rejection with dignity and he made me so angry that this

would be my reaction if I ever met him. You selfish, pathetic little brat!

The romance

“All Darmik's aches and pains vanished, and all he could see, smell, and think of was Rema.”

Despite the time they spent apart and the doubts, Rema and Darmik found their way back to each other, they healed their wounds and put their trust in their powerful and consuming love that defied friends, family and enemies.Their scenes were so emotional, sweet and heated that I could barely breathe and the smile now plastered on my face is their doing. Even though it killed me to back off Darmik (because we all know he would pick me), I ship them with all my heart!


I didn't focus on the plot because you'll have to find out what happened for yourselves, but rest assured that since Rema learned the truth the story became fast-paced and breath-taking and I couldn't help but bite my nails and gasp with shock at the end because there is a horrible cliffhanger! True Reign is a series that definitely deserves more attention and if you decide to give it a try, you will not regret it! 

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