The Bird and the Sword (The Bird and the Sword Chronicles, #1)

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Rating: 5 stars

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Magic

“You don't need wings to fly.”

What you truly need is words. And Amy Harmon's words resulted in a work of sheer beauty, that made your chest clench with yearning and your entire existence float, leaving behind every material attachment and concern.

The Bird and the Sword was a piece of a dream.

“Silence daughter, stay alive.”

Once upon a time, the Gifted walked freely in the country of Jeru. Healers, Tellers, Spinners, Changers, they were not afraid of using their gods-bestowed gifts. But some of them used them for Evil. And thus, the Gifted were hunted. They hid their abilities, or suffered terrible punishment. Lark's mother was not lucky. She was murdered for a crime she didn't even committ, and when her soul left her body, so did Lark's voice. Her father protected her out of necessity, but she was mostly ignored and left alone. Until Tiras, the king who fought desperately against the nightmarish creatures that threatened his kingdom and his people, decided to use her as a pawn. But she became more. They became more. And Lark, the silent girl with the power of words, the Bird, the Sword, would be the one to determine the outcome of the bloody war.

“Daughter, daughter, Jeru's daughter,

Wait for him, his heart is true.

Daughter, daughter, Jeru's daughter,

'Til the hour he comes for you.”

When I read books like The Bird and the Sword, I feel humble. Like I just bore witness to the most genuine form of magic, a golden thread of magic that was woven around my soul and captured it. There was something otherworldly in Amy Harmon's simple yet eloquent, lyrical writing. A fairytale that was narrated for me and only me, whispered by a soft, soothing voice. Her words, her sentences, they filled my veins and warmed my heart. It was a beautiful experience.

“I have all the power, but you will destroy me.”

Politics. Magic. War. Powerful, devastating love. That's what The Bird and the Sword masterly delivers. The world-building is not particularly complex, because the story focuses on Lark's journey to find her voice, her magic and her place in the world. From the girl that was always ignored, she becomes a powerful, strong woman willing to fight for what she wants, to break the chains that hold her down and fly. To a better future. To a brighter future. To her future. And her companion is none other than the captivating, infuriating and stubborn king, with his secrets and his struggles, a king who wants to tame the beast and let the Man prevail.

“You said I choose you because you are of use to me. And I did. But know this, Lark. I have loved you every moment of every day, and I will love you until I cease to be. Bird, man, or king, I love you, and I will always love you.”

There is passion and tenderness, fights and understanding in the relationship between Tiras and Lark. Their connection, the way their souls are in sync, makes your eyes water and your blood sing. Breathless and mesmerized, you watch them falling and you can't help but fall yourself. Fall, dream, hope, mourn, worry. Love. Love them, with them.

“A bird cannot wield a sword.”

But a bird can be a sword. And Lark was both. Amy Harmon's soulful and poetic writing spoke to me, and I beg you to give her a chance to speak to you as well. She deserves it.


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