Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass, #4)

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Rating: 5/5 stars

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Magic, Fae

 “But she was her own champion now.”

Brutal and magnificent. A force of nature. How else can I describe a book about witches, demons and dark lords, fae queens and warriors, possessed princes, rebels and whores?

Queen of Shadows deserves more than 5 stars. Queen of Shadows rattles the stars.


“She was a whirling cloud of death, a queen of shadows, and these men were already carrion.”

The fire-breathing bitch-queen is back. Ready to gather her court,claim her throne and wreck havoc to those who hurt her and the people she loves. The world is changing, trust is tested, enemies turn to friends, friends to lovers, villains to allies and the real evil is darker and more cunning than anyone thought. The real fight starts now.

“They joined hands.

So the world ended.

And the next one began.”


By the Wyrd, Sarah J Maas's storytelling is spectacular! I lost two nights' sleep and I forgot to eat because I was sucked in Erilea, sucked in battles and plots and plans that went wrong and sacrifices and general badassery. An emotional roller coaster, a wild ride, an incredibly vivid and captivating book. That's what we call high fantasy people.

The characters 

I can't help but admire Sarah's characters. It's true, Celaena is not someone I can relate to nor agree with, and I found myself scolding her for her decisions and cringing at her cruelty, but at the same time I felt a wave of pride for what she's achieved and the way she has grown up. And the rest of the women!! I freaking love Manon, my brilliant bloodthirsty witch, and Lysandra and Nesryn, they're the embodiment of strength and courage! And they kick ass!

As for the men in this book? Dorian is and always will be my favorite, my number one, my precious prince, my baby, my sun and stars, my chocolate cupcake, but Aedion and Rowan and Chaol are also perfect. And edible. I'm a big fat slut.


Every time Dorian was in pain, my heart broke. Every time Sam was mentioned, my heart broke. Every time that a story full of pain was revealed, my heart broke.

But then Aedion would say something funny and I would be like

The romance 

Let me make something clear. The new ship? Ahoy mates, I'm on board! BUT, I didn't like the way Sarah handled the Chaol/Celaena relationship. I actually felt bad for Chaol and thought that he was right most of the times he and Celaena argued. They all have changed, him and Celaena (and Dorian for that matter), they're not the people we met in the first book, and that's expected. I just wish some changes were smoother.

However,this book was epic. Period. The different storylines were knit together perfectly, and the last 100 pages gave me goosebumps. Like I said, epic.

You haven't read it yet? Shame on you! (just kidding, but please go read it!)

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