Mayhem (Mayhem, #1)

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Rating: 4.5 stars

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Music, College

 Mmm hello Adam Everest


"Adam is bad news. He's a mountain of bad decisions wrapped in a beautiful package, and I hate the effect he has on me. And I love it, which I hate."

The story 

Girl goes to a rock concert. Girl finds longterm boyfriend cheating. Girl meets boy/hot rock star who comforts her. Boy appears in girl's French class but doesn't seem to remember her. Girl offers to tutor boy because he's failing the class. They spend three days together, traveling, studying and drinking. Girl falls in love with boy. Does boy feel the same? Can girl tame the womanizer?

"Adam is a bad boy, damaged goods. He's the boy that every girl in the world hopes she can fix."


Last night's sleep got a whole lot more interesting because of Adam Everest.

In my dreams I was like this

While he was like this


Mayhem is definitely one of those books I call guilty pleasures. I wanted something light and simple, because after the last book I read I was emotionally drained and in no condition to dive in a lifesucking reading experience. And Mayhem was exactly what I needed! A fluffy, funny, sweet, sexy story with great characters (every single band member was perfect, especially Mike and Shawn), strong friendships (I love you Dee!), scorching romance and a swoonworthy man-slut. Rowan and Adam were adorable together, I enjoyed so much the tension and the banters and flirtation! Rowan was easily relatable and no, she was not one of the female characters you want to stangle, while Adam, hot as sin of course, is every girl's fantasy! He made me giggle and blush and wish for someone like him! I laughed so hard while reading it, there was no drama, just pure entertainment!

Would I recommend it to NA romance fans?


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