Water's Wrath (Air Awakens #4)

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Rating: 5 stars

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Magic, Romance

“He was a reckless fool, and I was a girl pulled along by puppet strings. The fire burned too hot, and we didn't notice until it consumed everything.”

I am not lost for words often. I tend to babble and gush over the things I like and love until my mouth dries and my voice falters. But talking about Water's Wrath, talking about the book that eradicated my ability to think or dream about anything besides it feels way too personal. Like exposing my bare soul. But I will do it. Because you, yes you who are reading these words and wonder how is it possible to love so fiercely people who exist only in the realms of fiction, need to understand this: Elise Kova created another work of art.

 A tragically beautiful work of art.


“She'd been the library apprentice everyone expected-and hoped-would die. Now she was the Windwalker, a lady and a hero, and this was her home.”

Vhalla Yarl is not the person she used to be a year ago.She was awoken by air,forged by blood into a weapon,turned into blazing fire by her devastating love for a man struggling to find his way back to light,and then she was crashed.Now she tries to hold the fragile peace she achieved by sheding the blood of innocents and make sure that the world will not suffer from more massacres and power-craving rulers,that forbidden magic will stay out of reach and that what's left of her heart will not shatter once more.But there is always corruption,and death and suffering,and Vhalla stands in the eye of the storm that will change everything.

“What is most beautiful just before it dies?”

I have a confession to make.A fter Earth's End brutal cliffhanger, I was hesitant to read this one. I felt terrified and betrayed, I kept imagining things that would go wrong and I was blinded by countless prejudices and fears. And guess what, none of them happened. Yes I felt pain, albeit a different kind of pain from the one I expected but equally excruciating. I was standing in the middle of the night, hugging my e-reader and rocking back and forth in my seat, tasting my tears and trying to breathe. Elise is a master manipulator, the plot twists and the jaw-dropping moments were crafted with precision and there were subtle hints everywhere, but I could never predict them. And in the end I couldn't help but imagine her like this

or this

It's disturbing.

“No matter how far she ran or how many people she met, an invinsible hand pulled Vhalla back to the crown prince of the Solaris Empire.”

I was scared my love, their love had been tainted. But I couldn't be more wrong. In Water's Wrath, it was purified. It was a story of growing up and healing, of becoming the person you're meant to be. Vhalla finally found her way, she matured beyond imagination and despite some foolish decisions, this is the Vhalla I can love and support and root for. I am very proud of her. As for my prince? He is a shining star. Some times the clouds cover him, some times he emerges brighter than ever and always, always he makes my heart overflow with feelings that could inspire epic poems and ballads.

“We're hopeless, you and I.”

I want to thank you Elise. For trusting me with your Horcrux, for hurting me and putting my pieces together after cleansing them, for providing me with the air I breathe, the earth I stand, the water that keeps me to life and the fire that burns in my veins. And I forgive you for being a professional heartbreaker and a sadist.

*ARC generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*



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