What Happens in London (Bevelstoke, #2)

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Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Genre: Historical Romance, Historical Fiction, Regency

Julia Quinn:

Recommended for migraines, headaches and all ailments of the mind and the soul. May cause stomach cramps due to excessive, belly-shaking laughter and a wave of fuzziness as side effects.

 Like this:

This is honestly one of the most delightful, amusing stories I have ever read! Julia Quinn always delivers on many levels, but What Happens In London is the epitome of fun, with the heartwarming feelings and the delectable tension complementing one of her best works. After many days of stress, anxiety and a permanent sense of incompetency, she managed to shower me with positivity, with sunny days, lavish balls and witty banters that left me with a smile and a satisfying feeling of contentment long after I finished it. So, without further delay, let me present you why you should grab a copy of What Happens in London in the fashion of Lady Olivia Bevelstoke.

Reasons I loved What Happens in London

By Ms. Katerina P.

1) Spies, secret services, a murdered fiancee, death by pigeons (hey it's a thing!), a horrible but surprisingly addictive gothic novel, a not-so-charming Russian prince and gossip. 

2) The lack of drama. Julia Quinn's novels are mostly lighthearted, but misunderstandings and heartache are always bound to happen. Well, not in this one. There's the usual suspenseful event towards the end, but it had nothing to do with fights, stubbornness and all that jazz. The light tone that made the second instalment of Bevelstoke series a rare ray of sunshine didn't waver, and I am grateful for that.

3) The slow-burning romance, featuring one of the most beloved tropes: enemies-to-lovers. It all started with a rumor, and two neighbouring windows. Olivia and Harry disliked each other with a fiery passion. She was nosy and rude, he was infuriating and insulting. The transition from murderous glares and a race to outsmart each other to tender gazes and scorching looks that was fueled by buddy reads and conspiracies against a certain obnoxious prince was perfectly handled, and the reason their relationship was founded on understanding. The desire that came later and set them ablaze was also a treat.

4) The humour, whether infused in the narration or in the form of interactions laced with sarcasm, dry retorts or outright ridiculous incidents. 

5) Sir Harry Valentine. He's such a low-key character, silent and observant, but at the same time he is burning with intensity, and the way Olivia rattled him was simply priceless.

I finished What Happens in London four days ago and I'm already planning a re-read. Because ladies and gentlemen, it truly was a gem that restored my faith in humanity, at least for those few precious hours I spent lost in its pages.

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